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Remote Backup

New Online Remote Backup service!!!
ZeRO Hosting is pleased to announce the launch of the new online remote backup service. This new service provides an easy, safe and flexible way of storing all your critical data. No more non-sense cost to backup your data.

  • "Set and Forget" Operation
  • Automatic scheduling
  • High Security
  • Easy, Automatic Deployment
  • Locked Files Support
  • MS Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • System State / Active Directory
  • One Click Restore
  • Special Offer!!!
    For a limited time only, ZeRO Hosting is offering to its existing customers 50% discount on the new online remote backup service. Current customers can now remotely backup their critical data for as little as $1/month per gigabyte. This offer is only valid until October 19, 2010 after which, the regular price for signing up will be $2/month per gigabyte.