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Our Network
Our NetworkZeRO Web Hosting is one of the first companies to take advantage of multi-facility redundancy. Our customers expect and receive the fastest possible connection to their sites from their viewer's browsers no matter where they may reside.

Our network is built to meet the most demanding bandwidth and performance requirements. It is designed to offer Zero Web Hosting customer's unmatched speed, performance and 99.9% reliability.

Hosting Facilities

Zero Web Hosting's world-class hosting facilities are custom designed with the needs of our clients in mind. Our network is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a problem occurs, you can rest assured it will be fixed promptly and professionally by expert personnel.

Zero Web Hosting Network Operations Center is equipped with industry-leading Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), raised flooring, Halon fire protection system, and stand-by custom built servers, all located in a secure, monitored, manned facility.

The NOC's raised flooring allows for great flexibility in channeling conditioned air in order to maintain uniform room temperature. That way, both the servers and the other hardware can be temperature controlled at an optimal level. For instance, the three-phase 50-kilowatt UPS system and battery cage, which are used to keep hundreds of servers online in the event of a power failure, is cooled with AC units dedicated especially for that purpose.

Liebert 10-ton industrial air conditioning unit, which keeps the computer rooms and operations center at optimal temperature for the performance of the servers.

The Halon fire protection system and automatic sliding doors prevent fire from spreading between units and allows for immediate extinguishing of fire while equipment and personnel remain unharmed.

Better Connectivity

We are uniquely On-Net with Frontier GlobalCenter (FGC) and Qwest. FGC, whose 13,000-mile fiber optic network and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology provide an enormous 460 Gbps of capacity worldwide, which means that we have a direct fiber optic connection between our Cisco 7200 router and theirs.

Being On-Net with a Tier-1 provider means that we don't link to a backbone, we are actually on a backbone. We have no phone circuit, and do not use a Telecom link to get to the Internet; instead, we have an in-house connection directly to FGC's ATM fiber node, located a few floors below our servers in the same building. This fiber optic line can handle the bandwidth of a T3 or an OC3, and with FGC's Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, it can handle several times the bandwidth of an OC3.

Optimal Network Redundancy And Peering

Because we are On-Net with Frontier GlobalCenter and Qwest, we share their digital distribution architecture, which includes private peering network connections to major Internet carriers such as MCI, Sprint, UUNET, AT&T, AOL, Best, Erols, @Home, IBM Advances and others. These private peering arrangements allow us to exchange packets of data with every major backbone carrier in a one-to-one environment quickly and efficiently.

Incredible Non-Shared Bandwidth

Some web providers operate their dial-up Internet service on the same backbone connections they use for webhosting which slows down their Internet traffic speeds considerably. At Zero Web Hosting our scalable bandwidth lines are entirely dedicated to web hosting. There is no shared bandwidth with Spire's dial-up, ISDN or DSL traffic.

Multiple Backbones

In addition, FGC has high-speed links to 8 public exchanges including both MAE East and West and several NAPS. Through these many public exchanges, customers have the ability to reach their site wherever they are coming from on the Internet. Thus we have the best of both worlds: a network that is both efficient and wide reaching. In addition, peering arrangements mean that should something happen to FGC's lines, their traffic will immediately be routed through other tier-1 providers. To give you an idea how reliable this is, Yahoo is another fine company who connects directly using Frontier GlobalCenter. If you can reach Yahoo, you can reach our network.

"Sometimes The Internet Is Slow.... "

What happens when your pipe is hooked up to a faucet that just trickles? Sometimes even though your ISP and your web host are both functioning properly, you may still have a slow data transfer rate. The Internet sends information all over the country and the world, through a dozen or more computers on its way to you -- and something's always getting serviced somewhere in that long chain. Here's what we've done to speed things up.

Efficient Routing

We have a large investment in an intelligent end-user routing software called BGP (Border Gate Protocol) technology, which allows the traffic to your site to travel more efficiently by finding the best route for data to travel. On a typical server the traffic always takes the same route from client to server. For them, if there is a bad node, traffic does not get through at all. Because we use BGP protocol, different and more efficient routes are taken between client and server depending on traffic loads and broken nodes. This means our servers automatically look for the fastest route available. Industry Leading Network Speed Guarantee Our network daily average is less than 12% of its capacity, with mid-day peak spikes reaching only to about 18% capacity. Providers sometimes operate their networks just under peak capacity, which is three to four times responsible capacity. As a result, their corresponding transfer times reach over 300ms for each hop along the net. Our transfer times range from 15 to 80ms routinely, which is extremely fast.

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