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1. What is your deadline for selecting a design/development team?
2. What is your estimated launch date?

3. Are there any external factors driving your launch date? (product launches, industry shows, etc.)

4. What's the number one key message you want to convey with your web site?

5. Is the content new or does it already exist somewhere else?

6. Is the artwork already existing?

Yes No
7. Describe any work that has been done so far toward designing/redesigning a new web site

8. What human resources do you have for various stages of the process? If so, please state their web capabilities.
9. What information will change? (How often? how extensively?)
10. Who will be making the changes? Have you budgeted for changes? If updates will be done in house, do you have an employee already trained?
11. What are your company's strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition?
12. How long is the site intended to last?

13. What are your plans to promote the site?

14. Who are your biggest competitors?

15. What do you like/dislike about their sites?
16. How do you see yourself defining a competitive advantage within your industry?


1. List some adjectives that describe the site experience you want to create.
2. Will the web site reinforce an existing branding or marketing strategy? How?
3. Discuss any identity/branding assets (logos, other artwork, company colors)
4. What, if any, dynamic elements would you like your site to include (rollovers, user interaction etc.)
5. List some adjectives that describe the site experience you want to create.


1. What functional requirements do believe to be necessary? (Personalization, database driven WebPages, catalog, downloadable items)
2. Are there extraordinary security issues?


Find the 3 highest quality sites (more is better) on the web that relate to your project in terms of audience, design quality/layout and functionality.
What kind of site details are you looking to receive (pricing, technical details, etc.)?

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