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Control Center
Our popular web based Control Center is now a standard feature with every account.It has just been upgraded with more powerful capabilities to manage all aspects of your account right online with the click of a mouse. You can now administer your web space, e-mail accounts, protect directories, and many other special features we offer, such as site statistics, all with no special downloads! It offers more tools, and controls, and it is very easy to use with its windows-like appearance.

Our goal for the new Control Center is to provide the most comprehensive set of tools and resources in the industry. Not only you gain control, but also you have the flexibility to make any changes to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and upgrade your services according to your particular needs.

Click here to view Control Center Demo.

Try out our control panel!
username: ccdemo
password: 123456
(Note: Some options have been removed for security purposes)

Control Panel Features Overview






Access your Control Panel from anywhere in the world, simply by typing: in your browser.

*If your domain name registration is not yet complete you may use the static IP address to you within 10 minutes of registration i.e.: youripaddress/menu.

With this revolutionary product, you can create your own web site and maintain it with only a browser! You can even set up your company's online store with just a click of your mouse!

Other features include:
  • Help Tool (Online Support)
  • File Management (Edit html, upload files via FTP...)
  • Billing History (Print Invoices)
  • Account Management (Update your billing or address information)
  • Password Maintenance
  • Mail Manager (To maintain your POP3 e-mail accounts)
  • Graphical Site Statistics (Including detailed referrer stats)
  • Mailing List Management
  • Form Mail
  • Search Engine Submission Tool
  • MySQL Database Tool
  • Resource Meter
  • Shopping Cart
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Archive Manager (Backup your files)
  • Upgrade (Upgrade to any other package we offer)
  • Counter (Add a counter to your website)
  • Network Troubleshooter (Perform a traceroute anywhere on the net)
  • Search Engine (Add a search engine to your site)
  • PGP (Add Pretty Good Privacy to your e-mail)
  • Redirect URL (Point a file to any other file/directory on our servers)
  • SSH (Setup secure Telnet or SSH)
  • Protect Directories (Password protect your directories)
  • ... and much more!

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