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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated ServersNeed to increase the performance of your website or e-commerce company?

ZeRO Web Hosting's dedicated hosting is your answer!

Single Domain Servers are perfect for an active or large web site.

A Single Domain Server (also known as a dedicated or managed server) is a server that is leased to one customer. We manage and monitor the server hardware, routing equipment, network connectivityand our software, all you have to worry about is the maintenance and upkeep of your own site.

If you have a successful website that needs to be taken off a shared server but you don't have the technical staff to support your own server then a Single Domain Server is perfect for you. This gives you the advantage of having your own server without all of the hassles and expense.

Speed and increased control are the main reasons that clients choose to put their web sites on dedicated servers. Many who start with a "virtual hosting account" quickly realize the limitations of serving their web applications from a machine that is utilized by a significant number of other clients.

Increased Control
Since a dedicated server only hosts one account, the server configuration can be optimized to deliver the maximum performance for your web application. Dedicated server clients have the ability to tweak the system to their specifications; page caching, CPU intensive scripts, web server & OS customization on are all available to dedicated server clients.

Increased Speed
On a virtual machine, our clients normally share system resources (ram, processor time, etc.) with approximately 250 other domains (most hosting companies will even place up to 1000 clients on one server!). On a virtual server, if another client writes a script that taxes the system resources it affects other clients' sites. On a dedicated server, this situation never arises. Dedicated server clients enjoy having 100% of the servers resources allocated for their web application.

Zero Web Hosting takes an active approach in monitoring clients' servers. Each server is equipped with a security monitoring system that sweeps the server's resources every few minutes to check for unauthorized activity. Our scripts will actively defend your server and notify us of any unauthorized activity. We also actively monitor clients' servers with our System Resource Monitoring tools to help ensure our guaranteed up time of 99.9%.

Finally, our friendly technical support department stands ready to assist clients with their technical questions. Please contact us today to learn how our tools and services can help make your hosting experience better.

There are 2 great plans to choose from:

SDS100 :

Monthly Cost: $450
Fee: $150

Pentium II 300
RAM: 256 MB
Storage: 8GB
EIDEData Transfer: 15 GB

Redhat v6.1
Apache v1.3.12
Perl v5.006
mySQl v3.23
PHP v4.0


Monthly Cost: $650
Setup Fee: $150

CPU: Pentium III 400
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 9GB SCSI
Data Transfer: 25 GB

Redhat v6.1
Apache v1.3.12
Perl v5.006
mySQl v3.23
PHP v4.0

To order your custom configured, dedicated server today, contact: or call us at 1.877.WEB ZERO (932-0376)

Some Examples of Common Uses:
  • Permanent server for any website, company-wide e-mail, FTP serving, and databases.
  • For a customer who requires the utmost in security, performance, & reliability.
  • Server to host a "multi-user" applications
  • Secure server for e-commerce websites needing the highest reliability, security and uptime.
  • For customers who require root level access, config files and more
  • Large storage area for online data backups, FTP file archives, etc.
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